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NOVAPAL Pallets are ISPM15 compatible and built entirely from recycled wood waste, making it an eco-friendly, economical export quality pallet. Additionally, they cost lower to ship and fly than standard pallets due to their space-saving design. NOVAPAL is the sustainable alternative to one of the core items in your supply chain, with significant reductions in CO2 emissions playing an active role in making your supply chain greener. Users also save more than 60% in space thanks to their optimal nesting design. While contributing to a reduction in pollution through the recycling of carpentry waste users can expect a high-quality pallet that can carry the same load as a plastic or aluminium pallet.

  • Meets Export Standards

    Our products are manufactured to meet global standards. This means pallets bearing the NOVAPAL brand are not subject to any wooden packaging restrictions during the export process.

  • Supreme quality

    With a load capacity of up to 2 tons’ dynamic load and a structure that is protected against water and moisture, our products far exceed conventional wooden pallets.

  • ISPM 15 Exempt

    Being exported across the world, NOVAPAL doesn’t require ISPM 15 and is therefore not subjected to heat treatment legislation.

  • Fair Price

    Majority of our raw materials are sourced from recycling, enabling us to provide competitive yet affordable pricing.

  • Built Without Nails

    No nails or screws are used in the manufacturing process of these NOVAPAL pallets and are promptly protected from nail damage.

  • Industrial Molding

    The NOVAPAL pallets are made through a mold system, limiting the disparities among the products. All products are built following a similar design and superior quality.

  • Humidity 7%

    The humidity throughout the production process is rigorously limited to 7%, controlling deformations caused by humidity. This also restricts any damage by moisture to the product on the NOVAPAL pallet.

  • Inventory Savings

    Thanks to the nesting feature, you can save 60% space compared to traditional pallets. This opens up more space, from storing it in your warehouses to transporting the pallets to your facility.

  • Sustainable & Ecofriendly

    A new tree is cut for every 5 pallets when manufacturing a wooden pallet, making the production process very costly and harmful for the environment. These composite pallets are made from waste sawdust and can be made from a variety of raw material while being conscious of the environment, making your supply chain more sustainable.

  • Fire Resistence

    The NOVAPAL pallet is made with high pressure, reacting much slower to heat than the conventional pallet.

  • E1 Adhesive

    The type of adhesive used in our production process is Class E1 which is in accordance with the international standards and with lower formaldehyde emissions.


As fundamental resource to sustain life, we at Novateq understand the need of providing contaminant free water for our client better than anyone. Using world renowned equipment, innovation and engineering practices, Novateq ensures top quality water purification systems for our valued clients at an extremely affordable cost. Our aim is the design and fabrication of cost effective water purification systems that are guaranteed to continuously meet the client’s water requirement standards while providing stress-free operation and maintenance. A system built to last!

With the considerable experience and values guiding our engineering team, we can handle any form of water purification be it

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Softening Systems
Multi Media Filtration Systems
Sea Water Desalination Systems
Containerized Water Purification Systems
Ozone systems
Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems
Ultra Filtration Systems
Micro Filtration Systems
Chemical Treatment Systems
De-ionization Systems

Our services can be used for a variety of purposes, such as

Domestic and Commercial Drinking & Consumption water
Consumer Goods Industrial Process water
Boiler and Cooling tower make up water
Food and Beverage Industry Process Water
Hospital and Laboratory Ultra-Pure Water
Automobile Service Station Process Water
Apparel Industry Process Water
Hotels and Restaurants


A highly emphasised subject in recent years. Novateq, through use of ground breaking innovative technology, a highly experience engineering team and an eco-friendly conscious provides state of the art solutions for waste water treatment for every industry. Our cost effective solutions are guaranteed to minimize operation and maintenance costs while ensuring that all governmental environment standards are met without fail. Let your waste water not bother you anymore and contact us to ensure that problem never bothers you again.

Specialized in the following technologies

Sequential Batch reactor systems
Rotating Biological Contactor Systems
Extended Aeration Systems
Chemical Coagulation Systems
Prefabricated “Johkasou” Systems
Membrane Bio Reactor Systems
Moving Bed Bio Reactor Systems
Advance Anaerobic Reactor Systems
Containerized Treatment Plants


The need for sustainability and a keener concern for the wellbeing of our planet is stronger than ever before. This is the imperative that requires both small and large scale food businesses to track and monitor waste cooking oil and waste food. This level of accountability and responsibility also marks an exceptional competitive edge in the highly-saturated market that we see today. But as you already know, in a busy kitchen, doing this is not a piece of cake... This is where we come in with our Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service in a vehicle equipped to extract your waste oil that we then take to our plant for processing. So, let us invite you to make your operation more efficient and environmentally friendly with Novateq Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service and be a trail-blazer in sustainability in the food industry of Sri Lanka.



In an effort to create a more pleasant, healthier and sustainable environment, architect's engineers and developers are creating increasingly greener structures. Novateq offers a unique construction and consultancy solution where we can guide our clients to take the necessary steps to improve the sustainability of their building. Our team is made up of Associate Professionals with the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) where we are qualified to assess, implement and eventually help certify buildings using the GBCSL rating system.


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The world's bestselling big fan! When it comes to cooling spinning slowly and moving a large volume of air Big Ass Fans is the name of the game. Over the last 20 years, millions of people have been introduced to the benefits of Big Ass overhead fans for effective cooling, transforming spaces everywhere from airplane hangars to warehouses— even zoos! Mainly focusing on industrial and agricultural spaces, They also make silent, beautiful fans for commercial and residential spaces that can reduce the cost of cooling up to 30 percent.

These industrial strength fans are ideal for

Automobile showrooms and service stations
Giant spaces
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