Move forward with smarter technology

Novateq started as a vision to provide eco-friendly, sustainable engineering solutions to the Sri Lankan market. We are a diversified environmentally conscious engineering solutions company with a team of interdisciplinary engineers. The combined multifaceted knowledge and skill allows us to provide the world’s most innovative solutions to our clients, while keeping our solutions cost effective and custom engineered to the client’s requirements.

Members of our team are qualified with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credentials which enables us to introduce best in class building strategies and practices across the globe.

Holistic design approach

Every situation is unique, every problem exclusive.

This is why our engineers evaluate every project as an independent venture and approach it holistically to arrive at the most viable solution. We stay on top our game by continuously updating our knowledge base to keep up with latest industry trends and technologies. Critical decision making is done through engaging with our client as well as the entire team to ensure we are all on the same page every step of the way.

Engineering on a finite planet

We are living on a finite planet, and in Sri Lanka too, we are increasingly seeing the need for more environmentally-focused development, and the responsibility falls on everyone.

Environmental responsibility is truly picking up momentum in the island, and most blue-chip companies have already started looking at ways to develop their infrastructure and operations to be more sustainable.

As an organization or as an individual, it is up to you to seek out greener solutions, and at Novateq, it is our responsibility to conceptualize and design strategies that meets this requirement.

We at Novateq believe it’s our duty to protect the delicate balance between nature and infrastructure growth in order to protect our planet and future generations.


To be the benchmark for eco-friendly sustainable engineering solutions in Sri Lanka with a global reach.


Provide innovative environmentally friendly solutions to our clients that meets the client's expectations on time and within budget